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Vision Living

You can now personalise your indoor and outdoor living space by adding a custom made piece of Vision Art

Manufactured in the UK by Ash & Lacy Perforators, Vision Art allows you to create a customised perforation pattern based on your favourite picture or company logo.

Vision Art is ideally suited for interior and garden designs, allowing you to be inspired by the world around you and develop a stunning piece of metal art tailored to your requirements.

With endless opportunities, Vision Art is designed for both the work place and home. It could transform the outside look of your building, create a striking feature in your reception area or bring your garden to life. Perforated metal patterns are already used to produce innovative and artistic visual images for cladding and decorative applications in towns and cities across the UK.

Vision Living is a unique service allowing customers to include their personal touch on interior and exterior designs, however if you are unsure on a design, we can suggest ideas that may be suitable for the effect or style you require.

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Vision Living
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