01 April, 2014
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Vision Art Gets The Message Across

Vision Art from Ash & Lacy has completely transformed a primary school in Burton upon Trent, much to the delight of the children and teachers.

The school in Burton has been expanded from a 210-pupil infant school to a 315-child primary school catering for youngsters up to the age of 11.

The new building is a striking three-story concrete structure, complete with a rooftop play area and balconies open to the elements, fronted by what council architect Adrian Cox described as a ‘metal-faced organic cladding system’.

He told the local press “The idea is about the journey the children take through their education and their life, with all its twists and turns. As an architect, there’s nothing better than designing things for children. It’s an incredible feeling to see their faces when they see the new building.”

The change from using a uniform perforated pattern on building facades to a customised pattern is easily achieved through Ash and Lacy’s Perforators technical expertise. Using our unrivalled knowledge in this field and dedicated software it allows quick and accurate interpretation of the image to be perforated.

Our involvement at an early stage of design can clearly influence the overall look of the project, cost and lead times without altering the integrity of the architects design.

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