4 April, 2016
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Computer Enclosure B
Spectacular Kitchen Garden Enclosure Project Uses Vision Art

The new £9.7 million Kitchen Garden Enclosure development at Cambridge’s Welcome Trust Conference Centre, designed by Abell Nepp, features Ash & Lacy perforated panels that incorporate a complex wildlife illustration.

In conjunction with main contractor RG Carter and ourselves, Ash & Lacy Building Systems created a bespoke pattern of perforated holes which, when installed, created an illustration called ‘The Tree of Life’.

Several separate panel operations were involved, from perforating, curving, powder coating, to installation of the black fabric material behind the perforations whilst ensuring the panels stayed together and remained rigid.

The panels were originally designed at a 3.9m width. However the number of required perforations removing a high percentage of material, raised fragility, damage in transit and on site concerns. Ash & Lacy Building Systems therefore worked with the client and redeveloped the panels at a reduced size of 1.95m long.

The project consisted of approx. 289 panels, each with its own bespoke perforated pattern. Panels were individually and sequentially marked to ensure easy and accurate installation to the desired pattern.

Ash & Lacy Building Systems liaised closely with Ash & Lacy Perforators to devise an accurate production program issued to RG Carter. This ensured the smooth running of the project and, crucially, completion on time. 

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