01 April, 2014
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Vision Art Gets The Message Across
In-House Wet Painting Installed at Ash & Lacy
For When Precision Levelling Really Counts
See Precision Levelling in Action
Quality And Accuracy With a New EDM Drilling Machine
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For When Precision Levelling Really Counts

Accurate levelling is crucial to any successful project; Ash & Lacy have the expertise and equipment to ensure optimal flatness at all times.

The perforating process naturally curls any material, resulting in a warped sheet if not corrected, so controlling the flatness is key to our customer’s next process, especially when going through an automated line like a Salvagnini.

We fully understand that the slightest curve or bow can ruin a project so by using high specification stretch levelling equipment we can control the stress and natural curve produced in the perforating process.

Continual investment and planned maintenance keeps us ahead of the field in this area.

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