19 November, 2013
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Sounds Good
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Computer Enclosure B
Sounds Good

Leading UK based technology company choose Ash & Lacy for its latest product - ZonarSound.

Warwick Audio is a UK-based technology company specialising in the development of flat and flexible loudspeaker (FFL) solutions and has created a new product called ZonarSound.


ZonarSound is a new range of highly directional audio speakers that can position sound exactly where it needs to be heard. By producing contained sound zones, this range of loudspeakers is ideal for environments where overspill of sound into adjoining areas is undesirable. Open plan offices, office and hotel receptions, retail promotional ‘hot spots’, control centres, museums and many more areas can benefit from this technology.

Ash & Lacy were involved in the initial design stages, right through to perforating, pressing, painting and assembly.

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