4 April, 2016
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Apprenticeships - Building For The Future
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Apprenticeships - Building For The Future

Following the successful launch of the Ash & Lacy Apprenticeship Program, we are looking to safeguard the future of the business by recruiting more young people onto the scheme during 2016.

Like most manufacturing companies, Ash & Lacy has an ageing work force, and finding employees with the kind of skills needed has proved to be difficult according to Steve Hewins, Maintenance Manager for Ash & Lacy.

“In the interests of safeguarding the future of Ash & Lacy we needed to look at ways of plugging the “skills gap”, commented Steve. “So in partnership with Sandwell Training Association, we recruited our first two apprentices, confident that they could be developed to make positive contributions to the business and ‘develop the technical know-how’ to become constructive members of the team”.

We currently have two apprentices being trained in our maintenance department and both are due to finish their qualifications later this year. Mitch will gain his level 3 NVQ in Mechanical Engineering and Tool Making, with Shaun gaining his level 3 NVQ in Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering. Both have commented that through their apprenticeships they have taken a solid step towards a career in Mechanical Engineering; and of course with Ash & Lacy. 

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