4 April, 2016
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Pressing Ahead
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Apprenticeships - Building For The Future
Flying The Flag For UK Manufacturing At The Advanced Engineering Show
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Ash & Lacy Perforators Ltd
PO Box 58

Alma Street
West Midlands
B66 2RL
United Kingdom

t: 0121 558 8921
f: 0121 565 1354
e: sales@ashlacyperf.co.uk
Computer Enclosure B
Pressing Ahead

Ash & Lacy Pressings Ltd strengthens the Ash and Lacy group of companies position as a leading supplier of fine hole perforated metal and to offer our customers even more in the way of “Total Solutions”.

From components for general engineering through to the highest specification finished product, the expansion into finished product opened up a whole new area of opportunity for growth and came as a result of listening to our customers needs. Now after a significant investment in people and machinery, and with a healthy order book in place, we are delighted to see Ash and Lacy Pressings Ltd trading again as a going concern.

Manufacturing of high quality presswork and assemblies dates back to the late 1980’s when the Ash & Lacy Group acquired Hill Brothers Ltd and changed its name to Ash & Lacy Pressings Ltd. The company operated as a division of Ash & Lacy Perforators Ltd until 2000 when the Ash & Lacy Group was bought by Hill & Smith Holdings plc. 

Our pressing division works with materials ranging from metal to plastic, processes from blanking to assembly and finishing with all operations under one roof – we pride ourselves on product and process development that truly delivers cost savings.

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