4 April, 2016
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Ash & Lacy Perforators Ltd
PO Box 58

Alma Street
West Midlands
B66 2RL
United Kingdom

t: 0121 558 8921
f: 0121 565 1354
e: sales@ashlacyperf.co.uk
Computer Enclosure B
All Smiles At Ash & Lacy

Now you can create a unique focal point for your business, home or garden. Vision Living can custom design a stunning piece of metal art for interiors or gardens based on an image or idea you have.

Vision Living is a unique service allowing customers to include their personal touch on interior and garden based designs. Unlike common perforated sheets, which usually have a uniform perforation pattern, Vision Art allows you to create a customised perforation pattern based on your favourite picture or company logo which is first processed on a computer and then transferred to the sheet of material.

The image is created by using different sizes of hole, which also effects the shade of the image on the metal. The actual detail is determined by the pitch or spacing between the holes and for added effect, Artificial lights behind the sheet contribute significantly to changing the appearance of the patterns and images.

If you need further information, or unsure on a design, our team of specialists will be able to suggest ideas that may be suitable for the effect or style you require. You can also visit our website: www.vision-living.co.uk

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